Monday, February 21, 2011

SM City San Pablo: What to expect?

If you haven’t been to SM City San Pablo then you are not missing that much. The Cinema and some shops are still not open yet. SM City San Pablo isn’t really that big. If you want to see the entire mall without breaking a sweat then simply stand in the center of the mall and you’ll be able to see everything. That’s how big it is but it’s way better than our San Pablo City Shopping Mall.

If you ask me, SM City San Pablo is actually not that big compared to other franchise. Most people of San Pablo would probably say the same thing. At the very center of the mall, stand there, rotate 360 degrees and then you instantly saw the wholeness of SM City San Pablo. But, when it comes to finding the right items, groceries, books, other school supplies, hardware, computer shops, gym equipment, restaurants, coffee shops and many more. This mall has still everything you need.

Below are the list of what you can expect to see:


  1. Jollibee
  2. Red Ribbon
  3. Chowking
  4. KFC
  5. National Bookstore
  6. Human (soon to open)
  7. Dickies
  8. Ace Hardware
  9. YKL Fujifilm
  10. Mang Inasal
  11. Banco De Oro
  12. Watsons
  13. Onesimus
  14. Sabella
  15. EO Optical
  16. SM Appliance Center
  17. Astroplus
  18. Bench Body
  19. For Me
  20. Oro China (soon to open)
  21. Unisilver Time (soon to open)
  22. Silverworks23. Folded & Hung
  23. Chinabank
  24. Great Image
  25. SM Department Store
  26. Toby’s
  27. Blue Magic
  28. Photoline
  29. Mossimo
  30. Penshoppe
  31. Celine
  32. Ideal Vision
  33. SM Supermarket
  34. Greenwich
  35. McDonalds
  36. Savory
  37. Pizza Hut
  1. Sweet Floss
  2. Scoopery
  3. Sling and Tackle
  4. Sondrik
  1. Hugs & Folds
  2. Candy Corner
  3. Asprey
  4. Signatures by Joel Cruz
  5. The Scents Co.
  6. Lotto
  7. Jolo’s Kiddie Cart
  1. Brownies Inlimited
  2. Bibingkinitan
  3. Fruitas
  4. Al-amir Shawarma


  1. Gems & Jewels
  2. KiddosLe Ridon (soon to open)
  3. Tribal
  4. Preppy
  5. X-quisite
  6. Straight Naturelle
  7. Nailaholics (soon to open)
  8. David’s For Rever
  9. Let’s Face It
  10. Dermcare
  11. Bio-Essence (soon to open)
  12. SPF Care Clinic
  13. Travelpros
  14. LBC
  15. Southern Sky
  16. Octagon
  17. GSN Wireless
  18. Asianic
  19. Silicon Valley
  20. TCA
  21. Smart
  22. CD-R King (soon to open)
  23. Excel (soon to open)
  24. SM Cinema (soon to open)
  25. World of Fun
  26. Cellboy (soon to open)
  27. Game Gizmo (soon to open)
  28. Globe (soon to open)
  29. The Sun Shop (soon to open)
  30. Ho Tsai @ SM Foodcourt
  31. Kusina ni Gracia @ SM Foodcourt
  32. Sizzbarn @ SM Foodcourt
  33. Nid’s Binalot
  34. SM Foodcourt
  35. Inihaw @ SM Foodcourt
  36. Baliwag Lechon
  37. SM Foodcourt
  1. Kingcorn
  2. Popperoo
  3. Peanut World
  4. Guby’s Chicharon Espesyal
 I don't go at the center of SM City San Pablo and rotate 360 degrees to get those list. I got a source from official site of the city of San Pablo. Click here to know.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

SM San Pablo Photos as of April 30, 2010

This photos is from, thanks for this link I was able to show you one of the latest photos of the construction of SM City San Pablo as of April 30, 2010.

It's just one of the photo, I want to credit the real source of this information. Go to to see all the photos with video of the construction of SM City San Pablo on the move.

The photos was blurred, but it's on construction stage so I think that's enough to inform you that there's the newest branch of SM SuperMall that was soon to be open.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eton Properties, PNB sell lot to SM Prime

SM Prime Holdings, Inc., the mall development arm of retail and banking tycoon Henry Sy, has bought a property in Novaliches, Quezon City from the group of tobacco, alcohol, banking and airline magnate Lucio C. Tan.
“Eton Properties Philippines, Inc. and Philippine National Bank (PNB) recently signed a memorandum of agreement with SM Prime involving the sale of a three-hectare prime property that forms part of a 13.8-hectare mixed-use township development dubbed North Belton Communities in Quezon City,” Eton Properties said in a statement yesterday. “SM Prime will construct a commercial and shopping complex within two years from execution of the [agreement],” it added.

Last year, Eton Properties signed a deal for SM’s Super Shopping Market, Inc. to open an SM Hypermarket branch in the former’s two-level Centris Station on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue in Quezon City.

Meanwhile, SM Prime, the country’s largest mall developer and operator, will open to the public today SM City Tarlac, the 37th SM shopping mall in the country.

The four-level mall, which is the first SM mall in the province of Tarlac, has a gross floor area of 103,340 square meters (sq. m.) and occupies 34,385 sq. m. of land.

This year, SM malls will also rise in Calamba and San Pablo in Laguna, Novaliches in Quezon City, Masinag in Antipolo and Suzhou in China.

Shares in SM Prime and Eton Properties were unchanged yesterday at P10.25 and P3.35 apiece, respectively. -- N. J. C. Morales
This selling of lot really contribute for more branches of SM like the under construction SM City San Pablo. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

SM City San Pablo, The 37th SM Mall

Posted on 02:39 PM, April 29, 2010

SM PRIME Holdings, Inc., the country's largest mall developer and operator, will open to the public on Friday SM City Tarlac, SM's 37th shopping mall in the country.
The four-level mall, which is the first SM mall in the province of Tarlac, has a gross floor area of 103,340 square meters (sq. m.) and occupies 34,385 sq. m. of land.

Tarlac City is an emerging city in the province of Tarlac, a melting pot in Central Luzon given the diverse cultural groups from Ilocos, Pampanga and Pangasinan.

This year, SM malls will also rise in Calamba and San Pablo in Laguna, Novaliches in Quezon City, Masinag in Antipolo and Suzhou in China.

Shares in SM Prime, whose profits went up by a tenth to P1.9 billion in the first quarter on the back of a 15% revenue increase to P5.4 billion, were unchanged on Thursday at P10.25 each. -- N. J. C. Morales
WOW! SM City San Pablo will become the 37th SM Mall and counting.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

SM Department Store Job Opportunities

To make this blog more informative and more beneficial but for a limited time only, here's some info about the upcoming job fair especially for the residence of City of San Pablo.

There is a job fair this coming April 6 and 7,2010. You will find job opportunities needed by some retail stores  in SM Department Stores. This will be held in PAMANA Hall, City Hall Compound from 8 o'clock in the morning 'til 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Job vacancies is for pharmacist, Assistant (store operations/warehouse/pharmacy), office assistants (accounting, treasury/human resources), sales clerks/store clerks and delivery drivers.

According to PESO (Public Employment Service Office) Manger Loreto Amante. There retail affiliates needed applicants like in Baby Co., SM Appliance Center, Kultura Filipino, Watsons, SM Home World, Surplus Shop, Toy Kingdom, Supplies Station, Hardware Workshop, Sports Central, Ace Hardware at Signature Lines Inc.

You can send your resume atnd recent picture in the said jobs fair or send an email to (CIO-SPC) 

P.S. The source of this info is really in Filipino. Go to

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SM City San Pablo's Four Major Anchors

Actually when I'm thinking about anchors, the first thing I thought of is something related to a ship. A huge metal used to hook in seabed.

Sorry for being intellectually challenge by the word "anchor." LOL

Anyway, in business like in shopping mall like the one to be build in San Pablo City, in the Province of Laguna, in my motherland----the Philippines. SM City San Pablo has anchors, which I research in for clarification. And according to that site, is one of the larger store in shopping mall, usually a department store or a retail chain.

SM City San Pablo Has Four Major Anchors Namely:

SM Department Store
The very foundation and one of the major anchors inside the mall. The one-stop shopping experience in fashion, footwear and other good quality products can only be found at SM Department Store.


SM Supermarket
The Grocery Store is one of the first anchor tenants in the mall. one-stop grocery store filled with good quality products.

 SM Food Court
Features various food stalls both local and international.

SM Cinemas
Available for watching International and Local films.

I just want to note that the logos are not the actual logo. It may vary depending on the shopping mall branch.  At least I gave an idea on what to see in SM Shopping Mall in San Pablo City. If you're familiar with other branches of SM Shopping Mall, you have already know about major anchors.

The time I'm typing this, SM City San Pablo is under construction. Just giving you on what to expect in this huge remarkable shopping mall.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SM Prime to sell $300-million worth of REITs

February 3, 2010, 5:49pm

SM Prime Holdings Inc., the country’s biggest mall developer, is planning to raise $300 million from both domestic and international investors by being among the first to issue real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the Philippines.

In an interview yesterday during the opening of the new P500 million annex in SM City Fairview, SM Prime executive vice president Jeffrey Lim said they are currently shopping for a financial adviser that will help them package the fund raiser.

He said they have yet to decide how many and which malls will be included in the asset pool but noted that these will have to be ones that are already providing a regular stream of profits.

Lim said they can be expected to issue the REITs as early as May when the implementing rules and regulations for the REIT law have already been issued. He noted that the law has already been published and the IRR should come out 90 days after the law becomes effective.

“REITs will help develop the capital market by bringing in new investors while allowing us to unlock the value of our properties,” said Lim noting that the size will have to be big enough to attract foreign investors who will provide the issue with liquidity.

Lim said proceeds from the REIT offer will help fund the firm’s capital expenditures program this year amounting to P12 billion of which P8 billion will be used to start construction of five new malls in the country while P4 billion will be spent for its expansion in China.

SM Prime is starting construction this year of malls in Calamba (Laguna), Tarlac, Novaliches, Masinag (Antipolo), and San Pablo (Laguna) which are targeted for opening in 2011. In China, construction will start in Chong Qing.

For next year, SM Prime will start building malls in General Santos City, Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, Lanang (second mall in Davao City) and its second mall in Cebu to be located in La Consolacion, South Reclamation project.

Lim said they expects to add 300,000 square meters to their current gross leasable area of 4.5 million square meters this year and another 300,000 to 350,000 square meters next year.

According to Lim, SM Prime is expected to post a net income growth of 8 to 10 percent in 2009 on the back of revenue growth of 12 to 15 percent, boosted by earnings of new malls as well as rising sales from existing malls.

He added that the firm also expects 2010 to be a better year financially based on the forecast economic growth of as much as 4 percent combined with the opening of five more malls this year.
WOW! According to the plan, SM City San Pablo was just one of one multiple branches, even abroad like in China